Sermons from January 2017

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So You Want to be a Follower


1 Corinthians 12: Paul often uses an analogy of the church being a body. A body made up of many parts, each part with its purpose, each part necessary for the whole. The relationships that need to exist for a church to work together are incredibly important, but also incredibly difficult to maintain.

We Must Be Out of Our Minds


So many problems, divisions, and quarrels in the world caused by lack of unity. Unity requires looking beyond self to the needs and betterment of others. Philippians 2 gives us the ultimate example of Jesus who put the needs of others above his own deity. By following his example, and letting his light shine in […]

The Peace of Psalm


So many people in this world are in search of peace. Peace in the home; peace at work; world peace. It can be hard to come by. I think that Psalm 23 is so popular because of the peace it evokes.

He Makes All Things New


Humanity has many flaws as anyone sees from taking a quick glance around the world. However, God has not, nor ever will “give up” on humanity. In fact, just the opposite. Revelation is an interesting book and while most freely admit that it is complicated, one thing is clear from reading it: great things await […]