Life Group Ministry

The life group ministry at North Garland is designed to build relationships with all ages as we grow in faith.

New Life Groups have begun.  Below are the contacts and description of the groups will come soon.

  1. Gene Denney/Adam Smith
  2. Erik Granberg
  3. Robb Mills/Dee Plummer
  4. Michael Manley
  5. Jerry Rogers/Roger Owen
  6. John Wright/Joe Williams



Below is a description of past life groups.

Denney-We start at 5:00 on Sunday evenings with a potluck style dinner often around a theme like: Mexican, Oriental or “comfort” food.  After socializing for about an hour we gather for an easy time of spiritual discussion generally about the morning’s sermon, a song, and prayer.  Sometimes we choose to have a special evening where we have played board games, gone Christmas caroling or built bird houses.  We rotate between various houses and the group will normally have around 20 people that include children and teens to parents and retired folks.  Contact Gene Denney at 580-540-4194.

WP_20150322_004life group






Mills and Plummer-Family, Fellowship, Food, Fun; Contact Robb Mills at 580-231-3556









Oldham-We meet together every Sunday evening at 5:00 pm usually at the home of William and Susan Oldham.  We occasionally meet at other life group member’s homes if they wish to host.  Sometimes we will skip an evening for holidays.  On the first Sunday of each month we meet for a movie night and watch inspirational films.  At our regular evening meetings various topics will be discussed or watch lessons from the Holy Land by Ray Vander Laan, and study from the Bible.  We always start our meetings with prayer and generally have a meal after the meeting with table discussion and sharing of our life events.  Contact at 580-237-3395 or 580-541-8914.










RogersContact Jerry Rogers at 580-761-3519


Tuohy-Our life group meets at 5:00 on Sundays in homes.  There are about 17-20 people in attendance with all ages represented.  Generally, we begin with a devotional of prayer, three or four songs, and a brief discussion around the life group questions from the morning bulletin.  For dinner, a few of the families take turns providing the meal.  Contact Shawn Tuohy-580-402-0507

Tuohy 1 Tuohy 2








Wright-The Wright life group is a life group that meets Sunday afternoons either at a restaurant or at a member’s home.  Time is spent getting to know one another and growing closer in relationships.  All age groups attend this life group, all are welcome to this life group.  The goal of this life group is to grow closer to each other and God while spreading his light to others.  Contact Brian Wright at 580-747-2983

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