If you are a visitor, seeking a little more information about Christ Jesus or the North Garland Church, we pray that the Spirit of God blesses you with peace and clarity for your journey.

Through the grace of God, the North Garland family participates in the New Life of Christ on many different levels. We offer many opportunities to learn under Jesus, both in our Sunday morning assemblies and in other classes. God is giving us His heart for people, and we seek to build relationships through home gatherings (Life Groups), collective efforts of service, and even, city-league sports.

No matter where you come from, your history or your location, we seek to honor all of humanity and creation. We believe that all people are created in the image of God and should be loved in humility. You will see this group of active believers all over Garfield county and beyond, and we would be blessed to share in your story.

May God’s kindness and discerning peace flood your lives, and may He give us all divine insight into His Grand Story!

– The North Garland Church